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With All My Heart; Prologue

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With All My Heart (title subject to change) Prologue
Pairing: OMC/Jonghyun, Minho/Key/Jonghyun (in later chapters)
Rating: NC-17
Author: she_devil666
Summary: Jonghyun is stuck in a dangerous relationship but he is blind to the danger. Minho and Kibum are determined to help.
Warnings: dub-con, language, sexual situations

I've been a bad boy...Collapse )

Love, Actually; MYNAME; R


eli x dongho
I got a new Toshiba Satellite!!! With WIndows 7!!! So far it's SOOOOO much better than Vista!!!! Now I have to go through the task of moving my files to my new computer :D



Hate my job and the people I work with

jjong cake
Ahh!!! I hate my job so much! I don't know what to do with myself 'cause I need the money so I can pay my stupid bills >.> real life sucks so much ass! Majored in information technology but since the economy is bad right now I can't find any jobs that I can get to at the moment but I'm sure I will find something hopefully soon.

The people I work with act like a bunch of damn kids most of the time and being the supervisor I have to deal with all their shit when all I want to do is to tell them all to fuck off and act like damn adults. And these people are MUCH older than me. It's a shame really.

At my post we sit most of the time and aren't required to stand all day. Yet they bitch and moan about every little thing they have to do a lot of the time and it drives me nuts! They bitch less now but I still wish they'd keep their bitchy ass comments to themselves.


Writer's Block: Tricky Questions

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What is your first reaction when someone says "I need to talk to you"?
Something bad happened and I try to prepare for it in case I was right.

Freedom here I come!...

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Only to be chained to the working class >.<;; Oh, well... at least this way I'll get paid in monetary value PLUS knowledge XD

I'm so glad that class I was worried about came through! I thought I was going to get a 'C' but I came from a 'D' at midterm to a 'B' at finals!!!


My B-Day~!

jjong cake
Happy birthday to me!!! Haha, I actually forgot my b-day though :p My sister told me my b-day was this week but I thought she was lying to me XD

I really hope that prof says to give me credit!



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I wonder will I be able to graduate like I thought I was :( Apparently, when I signed up to CLEP a class I wrote the wrong numbers! The class I wanted to CLEP was 3314 but I wrote down 3134 (can you see why I got confused?)! Which is a class I already took and got an 'A' in! And now they are trying to see if I should get credit for a class I thought I was CLEPing out of instead of what I put down! I really hope they have mercy on me!!! I want to get out!!!


YouTube problems

jjong cake
I have been trying to play videos on YT for a day now and it won't let me!! It just keeps loading and loading >.< I was able to play earlier yesterday but sometime during the night, I lost the ability to play videos on YT! I can't even play videos I was able to play before. I can only play a select few (3 so far). It's frustrating because people post vids on YT that they don't upload anywhere else so I can't watch any new updated videos unless someone post a dl link! I can't even download the vids because they need to play before I can download them!! I sent the problem to YT and I hope they answer me and give me some help when and if they get back to me. I am so pissed off now >.<;